Liz Cleyman, MPM® RMP®

Liz Cleyman, MPM® RMP®

NARPM Past President


Liz Cleyman, MPM® RMP®, is an Executive Property Manager at Grace Property Management in Denver, Colorado as well as the Broker/Owner of Blue Sail Property Management in Jacksonville, FL. Her focus is on single-family homes, and she has worked with 100’s of investors, both large and small, over her 15 years of experience. Liz joined NARPM® in 2012, received her RMP® in 2015 and her MPM® in 2018. Liz has served at the local, state and national level for NARPM®, including the 2016-2018 National Member Services Committee, the 2017 National Finance Committee, the 2015-2016 Florida State Chapter Board, the 2015-2016 Tampa Bay Chapter President and she was the Southwest RVP from 2018 to 2020. She was the 2022 National President and is currently enjoying her role as the Past President of NARPM. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family, playing golf, and exploring the Rocky Mountains. 

David Holt, RMP® MPM®

Learning to Create Wealth for Yourself

David Holt started his property management career in 1987 for HUD, he is the Founder of R.P. Management,Inc., and Co-Founder of Surevestor which is the only company of its kind in the US providing Landlord Protection Insurance.

He served on the NARPM® Board of Directors from 1991 through 1995, being the National President during the 1993–1994 term. He served again in 2004 and continues to be one of its national instructors.

He is a licensed Real Estate broker, building contractor, and licensed insurance producer in Minnesota, he also holds the RMP®, MPM®, and CRMC® designations and the CPM® designation through IREM.

Bill Christen

General Session Presentation on FREC

During this session, the most common violations that land real estate licensees in trouble with the Florida Real Estate Commission will be examined.

We will focus on one of the most common offenses in relation to PM: Sales Associates practicing Property Management separate from their registered Broker.

The Complaint Procedure and the possible disciplinary actions that can be taken against licensees found to have violated the law will be also covered.

Christian Sargent

Host of the panel "Resident Experience"

Christian is an experienced moderator with a deep understanding of the property management industry. With years of experience in hosting and facilitating discussions, he has built a reputation for being able to guide clients, panelists, and audience members through complex topics with ease. His background in property management and real estate gives him a unique perspective on the challenges facing today’s property managers.

This year’s conference will feature this captivating panel discussion on the crucial topic of “Change Management.” As the property management landscape evolves, it is essential for residential property management companies to adapt to changing expectations by implementing new services. This panel discussion will delve into effective strategies and best practices for successfully implementing new services in this rapidly changing industry. Our distinguished panelists, Jessica Foster of Atrium Management, Melissa Gillispie of JWB Property Management, and Christine Bennett of Evolve Property Group, will all share insights on identifying opportunities for innovation, overcoming resistance to change, and fostering a culture of adaptability. Moderated by Christian Sargent, a resident experience expert, this interactive session will provide attendees with actionable strategies for driving positive transformation within their companies. Join us for this insightful panel discussion and gain valuable knowledge to navigate change and implement new services effectively!

Jo-Anne Oliveri, CIPS, TRC

Forever Clients

A leading authority on all things property management, Jo-Anne Oliveri, CIPS, TRC, is the Founder and President of ireviloution Enterprises, author of Find Your Property Manager NOW and Founder of Flussos. With over 30 years’ industry experience, she is an international real estate identity who has trained thousands of business owners and property managers worldwide. Jo was also Vice President of Property Management for one of California’s largest independent real estate brokerages.

As an industry thought leader, Jo is a regular contributor to the top real estate publications and presents as a keynote speaker at the leading Australian and North American conferences. Selected as the REB Women in Real Estate Awards Coach of the Year 2020 and finalist in the REB Awards 2021 for Coach of the Year, Industry Thought Leader of the Year and Innovator of the Year – Individual, Jo is known for creating positive change in the industry. She is also the Founder of other real estate-related businesses, including Purple Powered VA, Property Management Training and Kaboudle PM.

In short, she is an international industry icon, game-changer and downright paradigm smasher. Jo is on record stating, “I am on a global crusade to empower positive change in the property management industry by inspiring an intelligent revolution that powers change,” and that is exactly what she is doing.

Drea Hespen

Content Mastery: Craft and Connect for Business Impact

Drea Hespen was born, raised, and still is living in Wyoming with her husband and two fur-babies where she enjoys capturing memories of her adventures utilizing videography and photography. Because of her artistic background, she found that her unique insight coupled with her passion for customer service gave her a distinct advantage in the marketing realm.

At the beginning of Drea’s marketing journey, she spent 10 years optimizing social media to grow her personal and numerous company brands. Starting off with Rodan & Fields while in college as a side-gig, she quickly learned how to use Facebook as a source of networking and prospecting. It didn’t take long for her to realize the power in the digital world.

Subsequently, she fostered her passion for marketing by building the brands of three vendors in the Single Family Property Management Space (Property Meld, Citizen Home Solutions, and RentScale). From this experience, she lent her expertise to grow multiple businesses including her own and family’s: Hespen Herefords, Hespen Excavating, Built By Buer, Drea Hespen Photography, and WyoGenix. During this time, she gained integral insight into the value of a proven brand and the importance of consistent communication and personal interaction social media provides.

As a result of running multiple companies of her own—in the past and currently—this journey gives her the insight to help many entrepreneurs, businesses, and sales professionals as they traverse their own journey to business and personal success. All it takes is that first step.

Daniel Rothrock, MPM®

Turning personalities into income

With his finger on the pulse of the entire property management department, Daniel is always looking for innovative ways to provide a superior experience for all of our customers. In 2019, Daniel received his Master Property Manager designation— the highest level a member can attain through the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM).

Daniel, who served as the President of the Tampa Bay chapter of NARPM in 2021 and the Florida State Chapter in 2022, continues to set an excellent example as the Southeast Regional Vice President/Ambassador in 2023. He is a role model and a trusted advisor in the Property Management industry. His expertise in local, state, and federal regulations and technical operations has earned him an esteemed reputation.

Daniel believes in taking a lead-by-example approach, minimizing risk, and simplifying the property management process for all his clients. His dedication and hard work have been instrumental in his rise to the top, and his colleagues and peers look up to him for inspiration and guidance. As the Regional Vice President/Ambassador, Daniel demonstrates his commitment to excellence, leaving a lasting impact on the Property Management industry.

Ashley Lackey

Turning personalities into income

Ashley comes with over eighteen years in the real estate industry where she became proficient in property management, asset management, development, construction, and acquisitions. It was during this time she was awarded “Top 30 under 30” by Student Housing Business Magazine. Later in her career, she advanced to the positions of President, COO, and Managing Partner. While overseeing an investment firm as a COO she expanded her experience into the QSR and tech startup industries.

Ashley has owned her own advisory firm for the last seven years helping business owners solve problems, strategize, and scale. She has also been licensed in Culture Index for the last three and a half years which she uses to assist business owners and executives leverage talent.

Ashley finds purpose in setting people on the right path for their future which has led her to do volunteer work with her alma mater, Park University, along with being a board member with the non-profit organization, AdHoc Group Against Crime.

Rene Brent

YES you can quiet your mind and STOP carrying your tenants and issues home with you at night!

Rene Brent is a Certified Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and has been running her private practice in Maitland, Fl for the last 10 years. She has been honored to be the Director and lead instructor for the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy for the last 8 years and a proud graduate of the only hypnotherapy school in Florida licensed by the Florida Department of Education.

Rene is deeply passionate about this work and teaching in order to create well trained Hypnotherapist and help clients to get Unstuck.Rene loves sharing the power of this work in the mainstream population. She has had the honor of being a guest on over 35 podcasts as well as TV and radio programs both locally and nationally. She is a 2x Amazon bestseller for her books How Big Is Your BUT? and Breaking The Worry Agreement. 

She is often asked to speaks to a variety of audiences on many relevant topics. Her approach is light, easy, straightforward and concise while always keeping a bit of humor in the mix. With her deep passion for her work, Rene often states she has the best job in the world because she gets a front row seat to her clients gaining those aha moments, moving forward and creating success in business and in life. Rene says all have super powers but, we just haven’t learned how to tap into them yet.

Rene has been an RN for 33 years and has worked in ICU, Trauma/ER and Recovery Room. She continues to use her medical experience and knowledge of the mind and body to help in her authoring new written material and in her private practice. She continuously receives referrals from MD’s, Pediatricians, Psychiatrist, Therapist, Pain Management MD’s and Sleep Specialist to name a few. 

Rene Brent is a registered member of The American Council of Hypnotherapist (ACHE) and the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapist (IAIH).