Sandy Geroux

M.S., Founder & CEO, WOWplace International, LLC

Sandy Geroux, M.S. is an international speaker, trainer, and author who delivers motivational keynotes and training programs on creating WOW experiences for clients and colleagues alike. A former top-producing REALTOR® and real estate speaker, trainer and coach, Sandy has delivered marketing, sales and customer service training programs and coaching that have helped thousands of agents, brokers, property managers, and vacation rental owners increase their business, better market their products and take the risks necessary to achieve their personal and professional dreams. Many of her coaching clients have increased their business by 200% or more in one year, with new clients achieving first year earning results over 300% higher than the average new sales professional. Attendees of her programs describe her dynamic speaking style as enthusiastic, inspiring, energetic and informative!

1:00pm - 1:55pm

Friday August 13

Indispensable or Invaluable? Demonstrating Your Full Value as a Property Management Company

Sandy Geroux Introduction at 12:55pm

Our services have the capacity to be viewed either as commodities that are “all the same” (in which case anyone will do) or as invaluable partners to our clients (in which case no one else will do). Join us as we learn to better position the benefits of our services, our added value, and the impact of our clients selecting the wrong “partner” to manage their properties. Through stories, case studies and examples, Sandy dives into the strategy and tactics that will help us demonstrate why we are (or should be) the property management company of choice.