Phil Owen

Creating a Customer Service Culture

Phil Owen is the CEO of OnSight PROS, a national property condition reporting company specializing in single-family rental condition reports. Phil has presented at property management conferences and events from coast-to-coast for the past 7 years, teaching property managers how to limit risk, liability, and expense through property awareness.

3:05 - 4:30

Second Day Tues. Sept 13, 2022

Creating a Customer Service Culture

In this session, we will discuss how to hire, train, and maintain a culture of customer service.  We will examine ideas and steps to help you implement a customer service-centric environment that will change the way you interact with clients and tenants in a way that creates loyalty to your brand.  This session will combine philosophical approaches to customer service and practical steps that lead to culture change. Attendees of this session will also be invited to participate in a follow up virtual mastermind/book club surrounding the ideas discussed and collaborating towards implementation in the months following the conference.