Phil Owen

OnSight PROS

Phil Owen is the CEO of OnSight PROS, a national property condition reporting company specializing in single-family rental condition reports. Phil has presented at property management conferences and events from coast-to-coast for the past 7 years, teaching property managers how to limit risk, liability, and expense through property awareness.

2:00pm - 2:50pm

Friday August 13

Profitable Property Awareness

Phil Owen Introduction at 2:00

Maintaining property awareness is a critical part of the value we provide to clients and are a key way we protect ourselves from liability and expense. But performing “inspections” are part of the job that no one loves. Further, it is a cost center for too many property managers!


We will explore how to get paid for your time when you are performing property condition reports. We will look at various types of “inspections” (move-in, move-out, periodic, lease renewal, etc.) and discuss strategies for working each of those into your lease and management agreements so that you are fairly compensated for your time and experties.
Turn property awareness into a profitable component of your business!