Peter Hernandez

The REAL Future of Property Management

Peter Hernandez is the Chief Executive Officer at Citizen Home Solutions, a Relocation Concierge Company specializing in Utility Services Setup. Focused on Helping property managers and real estate agents provide their clients with the best move-in experience. Peter is also the creator and administrator of PMHealth a fitness forward social group for industry professionals providing connection and support through all things health and wellness. Peter enjoys a healthy lifestyle and spending time with his loyal companion Layla the rescue pup!

1:10pm - 2:30pm

Second Day Tues. Sept 13, 2022

The REAL Future of Property Management

Many things are shifting in the property management industry, and everyone is wondering what’s going to happen next. The goal of this session is to bring the best of the best together and pose that question in a discussion and mastermind panel hybrid format. The discussion is on the secret to success in business and in life. With a mastermind panel answering informed opinion based questions including but not limited to the the future of the industry. It is important for property management companies to think strategically about growth and how they are going to scale their business.