James Ferguson

Principal Consultant at Confetti Culture LLC

James Ferguson is an employee experience speaker and author, and the Principal consultant at Confetti Culture LLC. An award-winning former Hotel General Manager who after years of experience in effectively leading and managing hotel operations, decided to redirect his leadership path. His experiences helped him realize that in the hospitality industry and many others we are taught to focus on customers and the all mighty dollar, not the people working hard to earn it for us. That's when he decided to start his own business to change the narrative and challenge the status quo.

11:00am - 12:00pm

Thursday CLICK ME August 12

How to Combat the 7 Leading Causes of Turnover in Your Industry

Jim Ferguson Introduction at 10:55am

In this session we will dive into how to strengthen your company culture and improve employee retention by realigning your priorities and putting employees FIRST! Outlining a series of purpose driven employee initiatives that are designed around combating the 7 leading causes of employee turnover in the property management industry.