Deniz Yusuf

How to DOMINATE Door Growth in your Market

Deniz believes the real estate industry has the same concept – it’s all about asking for the business and what experience you can give your clients. He says real estate is not just about collecting rent and charging a fee, but about what services and product you can provide your clients, and how much money you can save them by using you or your services. Deniz enjoyed being an agent and now loves showing others how they can succeed to.

Deniz now consults, trains, mentors and key-note presents to agents across Australia, New Zealand and the United States, through the Inspired Growth Training Program with BDM Coach. Deniz finds training agents to achieve the best possible outcome they can is very rewarding. “Seeing them achieve their goals or win awards they never thought they could, it inspires me to be an even better Coach. My goal is your future, as I inspire, I get inspired”.

9:05am - 10:30am

Wednesday Wed. Sept 14, 2022

How to DOMINATE Door Growth in your Market

Deniz signed up 925 doors in 4 years in a small country town and has coached hundreds of PM Companies to grow tens of thousands of doors since then, and in this session Deniz will reveal the MOST EFFECTIVE FIVE strategies that work the very best.


In this session Deniz will expose:


  • How to turn cold online enquiries into raving fans real fast using video.
  • Be exposed to revealing ways on how to reach property investors before your rivals even know they’re in the market.
  • Understand how to convert nearly 100% of self-managed owners in your area by becoming their go-to expert.